The Practice Company
Our principles & beliefs

We apply the following principles to all our work.

  • We work with our clients to achieve their goals. Our single minded focus is to stretch and enhance our clients’ capabilities. By collaboration with our clients, we build support, ensure momentum and reach relevant solutions.
  • Bring the best of the company to each client. We focus on building long lasting relationships with a limited amount of clients instead of always chasing the next new client and risking to stretch our resources beyond their limits therefore having to make sacrifices in the quality of the work delivered.

We personify the following beliefs, behaviour and characteristics and let them guide our way of doing business:

  • Delighting the customer and generating “wow effects” through the realisation that our customers’ success are the cause for our professional business success.
  • Actionable knowledge . Concepts, ideas, learnings and best practice guides have only value when they are successfully implemented. We provide the opportunity to gain the necessary confidence and practice to move from a sound theoretical knowledge set to business results.
  • Professionalism is at the root of our approach. We believe in first getting the basics right before building on them. Key personal elements are strong analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.
  • Each and everyone of us has a deep sense of personal responsibility in our client assignments. Responsibility is not the privilege of a few senior people or the burden of “someone else”, but an essential part of our job.
  • Transparency and honesty characterise us as persons. We have nothing to hide as we are all making our best efforts towards the same common goal – our clients’ success.
  • We play to win . We are going for the gold medal and are reaching for the stars by setting stretching goals because this will allow us to make step change advancements and will ensure we challenge the rules instead of blindly abiding by them. However, we will keep our feet on ground in terms of expectations (ie. realising that we are already successful if we beat the #2 even if we did not reach the stars)
  • We recognise that change is a process not a purpose. Although we take pride in our ability to produce tangible results fast, we recognize that it is essential to help our clients build on their initial results and support them until they are securely meeting their project milestones.
  • Speed is a key advantage . We therefore strive to focus the work, set clear priorities and act quickly to get things done because in today’s competitive environment, 80/20 now is better than 99% in 18 months time.


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