The Practice Company
Management Practice Events

… allow managers to continuously practice their complete hard and soft skill set required for managing in today’s business environment…

… with the ultimate purpose of ensuring that the acquired learnings (from the variety of offered management courses/seminars) actually translate into superior business performance…

… while at the same time avoiding the high cost that failure from practicing in the real marketplace brings with it.

Management Practice Events are

  • competitive, computer supported business simulation trainings that are realistic and look/feel like work because they recreate the complex nature of today’s business environment from the market up
  • an efficient organisational development tool as they practice the skills and behaviours that are most significant to impact business performance
  • guided and coached by international, proven successful executives who continuously coach, challenge, encourage and help participants to improve their performance and ensure a “real life” simulation.
  • fun

In these events, 9-30 managers are given full control of 3-5 companies which are competing with each other. The teams' objective is to make their company profitable and stable growing. The situation dynamic is determined by the collective actions of the companies.

Management Practice Events are mostly run on location. We also run them as a combination of Internet and onsite delivery and in a few instances the event is run solely via the Internet.