The Practice Company
Why choose us

The following arguments differentiate us from the immediate competition.

  • We go beyond delivering training, we deliver business improvement. Our Management Practice Events are designed to make acquired knowledge actionable, just like in an apprenticeship where “knowledge” is driven by “doing”. Specifically, we achieve this by focusing on
    • the critical skills and behavior that have the most significant impact on business performance,
    • helping participants internalize their understanding of the business drivers.
    • ensuring that the knowledge is longer remembered and better accessible (through multi-index memory capture).

  • Our background is rooted in practice and experience. Our coaches are experienced executives and entrepreneurs with solid academic credentials that have already successfully navigated through the various business challenges for which you are preparing your participants. We have experienced the stress, frustration, tension and happiness of today’s demanding teamwork and real business life. Our coaches act like a participant’s mentor, they provide challenges, encourage risk taking, correct errors and provide context for an optimal learning/practice experience.

  • Our simulations are robust, realistic and proven with over 1000 users since 1982. A computer based simulation is a key element in determining whether the participants get fully emerged and it therefore needs to produce realistic and sound market results. We are confident that the TOPSIM® line of simulations excels in this area because we build the algorithms on solid theory verified by actual market reactions directly experienced by our clients since 1982.

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