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Custom simulations

There are instances where you might want to develop a simulation that is customized to a particular environment and training purpose that available computer models do not address.

For those instances, we follow a development process that has proven itself with a variety of clients to create that tailored practice situation you are looking for.

A rigorous collaborative seminar development process ensures that your goals are being reached. Here's an overview of a general development schedule:

Step 1:
Working Session
Objective is to clarify your needs / requirements and to develop a first Seminar overview.
Estimated time requirement is 1 - 2 days
Step 2:
Specification definition (upon client's go ahead)
Objective is to develop the detailed specification of your custom-made simulation.
Estimated time requirement is 3 - 6 weeks
Step 3:
Simulation development (upon client's go ahead)
3.1 Intermediate update of the simulation development.
Objective is to gather your input on the development direction and first interface proposals.
3.2 Finalization of the simulation development.
Objective is to transmit the final simulation in working condition with user manual
Estimated time requirement is 2 - 5 months
Step 4:
Final adaptations and testing
Objective is to test the simulation under real life conditions and incorporate possible changes.
Estimated time requirement is 1 - 4 weeks
Step 5:
Official Event start

Over 50 clients are already practicing management with fully customized TOPSIM® computer based business simulations. For example, MBS - Metro Business Simulation.

Replicate the complex business structure of the world’s 4 th largest retail enterprise, the German Metro Group so that the company’s worldwide pool of high-potentials will improve their business skills, emotional intelligence and understanding of the Metro Group.

Creation of an Internet accessible business simulation that replicates the key characteristics of the Metro Group.
The simulation based training starts with a kick-off at headquarters in Duesseldorf, Germany and is finalised by the participants from their home base via the Internet.

For a description and demo please visit:

For an overview of the Metro Group please visit: and choose “English” from the top menu.

We have many more examples and are looking forward to speaking with you about your wishes and requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us.