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Our history

The launch of  “The Practice Company” is a coming together of the original creators of the TOPSIM® simulations (UNICON) and business executives (Alex and Rolando) that were impressed by the training results of their application.

The TOPSIM® line of simulations can trace its roots back to 1982 when UNICON is founded with the goal of making the usage of computer based simulations independent of big mainframe computers. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Högsdal, his already popular simulation "MARGA" was commercialized for a portable Osborne computer with a matrix printer.

From 1983 through the 1990s, UNICON continuously improved the existing simulations and developed new ones ultimately leading to the TOPSIM® line of computer-based business simulations available today. Based on its robustness, easy handling and effective learning method, the TOPSIM® line of products established itself as the leader for companies and educational institutions within the German-speaking countries.

In 1999, as the founders of UNICON handed over the operative reins to the second generation of Dr. Fehling and Dr. Högsdal their working relationship intensifies with Alexander Hillenbrand and Rolando Rosato Rossi who have been using TOPSIM® simulations in international training programs for some time.

In 2001, UNICON merges with Tertia AG, one of Germany's leading human resource management companies which is majority owned by Alchemy Partners LLP (a private equity advisory business in London), to become the Tertia Edusoft division.

In 2003, the idea for “The Practice Company” becomes reality under the guiding eye of Alexander Hillenbrand, Rolando Rosato-Rossi and the General Managers of Tertia Edusoft, Dr. Fehling and Dr. Högsdal.

In 2006, TOPSIM® Management Simulations become part of the product portfolio of global e-learning leader, Tata Interactive Systems ( and gives way to a new era of international collaboration with The Practice Company.


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