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Origin of idea and partners

As we were building and growing companies over the last 10 years, we were struck by the fact that business managers improve their capabilities mostly “on-the-job” and they are therefore experimenting with our business, “live”! This is quite the opposite to numerous other professionals that regularly apply and sharpen their skills in a no-risk environment like pilots training in flight simulators or even golfers practicing on the driving range.

Building on the extensive experience in the German speaking countries and having lived the insight that managers’ (as well as athletes’) progress is not a question of time but one of training frequency and quality, we decided to promote the usage of business simulations beyond the typical “interesting game” status.

Therefore, we are setting out to orchestrate “Management Practice Events” internationally, coached by experienced executives and entrepreneurs that have already successfully mastered various business challenges in a variety of industries and countries. They have experienced the stress, frustration, tensions and happiness of today’s demanding business life.


Alexander HillenbrandAlexander Hillenbrand

Alex is the founder and managing partner of The Practice Company. Between 1998 and 2004 he co-launched and managed Le-Shop, one of the Europe’s leading internet grocers as well as Project Alex S.a.r.l., a marketing and IT project management company. He has also consulted a leading telecommunications operator on issues related to competitive positioning in a deregulating industry.

Alex started his career with Pirelli Tire (1989-1992) and deepened his expertise in marketing/brand management at Procter & Gamble (1994-1998) leading the Pantene Haircare brand to best worldwide market share and growth. Alex has complemented his expertise with valuable general business experience while turning around a loss making P&G business unit and managing his family's export/import business.

He holds a Bachelor of Administration from McGill University in Canada and a MBA from IMD in Lausanne Switzerland. He is fluent in English, French and German. 

Rolando Rosato-RossiRolando Rosato-Rossi

Rolando is a director of his family's international cosmetics business and a private investor following his retirement, in January 2001, from a 30 year international management career with Nestlé.

In the 90s, Rolando was in charge of management training where he has been instrumental in shaping Nestlé's pedagogical process built around "learning by doing" with the help of business simulations. In the 70s and 80s, he has run different business units in South America facing such daunting challenges as surviving in a hyperinflationary environment and doing business under unstable social, political and legal conditions. In the early parts of his career, Rolando worked in the insurance and banking industries in North America.

He holds a graduate degree from Concordia University in Canada and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Strategic collaborators:

Alain Nicod Alain Nicod

Alain is the managing partner of VI Partners, a Swiss-based venture capital firm which manages a fund of CHF100 million raised from blue-chip enterprises.

Between 1989 and 2002 he has launched and/or managed various companies in the medical instrumentation (compex) and in the information technology sectors (,,,, securicard, etc.). He has also consulted leading telecommunication operators on issues related to cable television, interactive services and M&A transactions. Alain is a board member of two banks and financial institutions in Switzerland. He is an active member of the Young Presidents Organisation where he is forum moderator and has held the position of education chairman.

Alain started his career at Arthur Andersen (80-82) and McKinsey (83-89). He holds a business degree from HEC Lausanne and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau. He is fluent in English, French, German and Spanish.

Dr. Georg Fehling Nils Högsdal Dr. Georg Fehling and Dr. Nils Högsdal

Georg and Nils are the General Managers of Tata Interactive Systems GmbH, owners of the TOPSIM® family of computer based business simulations. Founded in 1982 under the name Unicon, it has established itself as the market leader in the field of Management Simulations within the German speaking world.

Georg and Nils were part of the original Unicon team and have gained deep expertise in the development, application and utilization of business simulations for a variety of training objectives.

Both hold doctorates from Universität Tübingen, Germany and are fluent in German and English.

Dominique AraDominique Ara

Dominique is the managing consultant at Von Rohr & Associates S.A., a leading international provider of career development, coaching, change management and transition services.

Previously, she held leading Human Resources positions in the new technologies sectors (Internet, Telecommunications) and worked over 10 years as a freelance consultant for specialized agencies and various institutions (Swiss government, insurance, banking, Universities).

Dominique Ara holds a Bachelor degree in "Economic and Social Sciences", a Post Graduate Degree in "Management of Human Resources" from Geneva University and has obtained the certification of Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is fluent in French, English and Japanese.


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