The Practice Company

Welcome to The Practice Company where we empower:

Training responsibles to deliver tangible business performance improvements out of their management development programs

Managers to continuously apply their business skills and strengthen their confidence, which is the key combination to actually
deliver superior business performance

To achieve these goals we orchestrate "Management Practice Events". These competitive computer-simulation supported management trainings are designed with our clients to meet their demands for improving organisational capabilities. They are often supported by one of our many readily available TOPSIM® computer simulations or by one which is custom-made to client wishes.

These dynamic events are coached by international, proven successful executives and entrepreneurs with qualifications from leading business schools. They are acclaimed for facilitating our dynamic, highly interactive events and bringing participants from “virtual practice to reality based business performance improvements”.

We encourage you to read more about it within this website and we are looking forward to discussion with you how “Management Practice Events” can contribute to strengthening your organization.